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Status, 2016

A software solution for improving the quality of client service and increase in sales in chain of luxury clothes stores.

Resume, 2016

A website which contains comprehensive information about a job applicant for a vacancy of programmer.

Impresite UI, 2016

UI components for Angular 2.

Lakmus, 2016

Data validation package.

Bars, 2015

Software for automation of construction design and operational accounting in a building company.

Real Estate websites, 2013

Seven real estate websites were made on ASP.NET MVC and connected to the API of the project "Real estate database #1".

Forsage, 2012

Online store and CMS for a large manufacturer of fuel and lubricants.

Lipetsk woodworking company, 2011

A website and control panel for woodworking company and websites for its dealers.

Real Estate #1, 2011

A software solution for real estate agencies which includes a website on ASP.NET MVC, client application on WinForms and a module of data synchronization on WCF.

Garant Plus website, 2009

A website for a real estate agency (PHP and MySQL).

Crime investigation software, 2008

Software for automation of investigator’s working process.

Office supplies ordering software, 2007

Enterprise web application for accounting and ordering of stationery.

Unitile, 2007

Software for automation of tiles manufacture.

Videopilot, 2006

Retail store software.